Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ocean Lady Moon Phase Watch

This is the newest timepiece for women from watch and jewelry maker Harry Winston. While typically presenting aesthetically and mechanically impressive timepieces with complex mechanical movements, this Ocean Lady Moon Phase leans much more on just the good looking side of the fence as it has a quartz movement inside.

As opposed to something mechanical. No worries though as most women who are lucky enough to enjoy wearing this watch won't mind. In addition to the time there is a larger-sized central moon phase display.

The 36mm wide case comes in either 18k white or rose gold, a typical offering, with each having a plate of mother of pearl on the dials as well as a large amount of diamonds for decoration. The case is set with 57 (2.1 carats) brilliant cut diamonds while another 195 (0.6 carats) diamonds reside on the dial of the watch. Lastly, you have another 33 (0.3) diamonds on the gold buckle attached rubber strap.

Yes, rubber is an odd material for such a watch as it is formally dressed with a technical strap. Still it is an interesting look and I have no doubt that alternative straps are available for use during the right occasions. The watch is 100 meters water resistant, so the rubber strap might come in handy if you get curious to see how all the diamonds appear sparkling under water.
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pat Says Now - World's most expensive mouse

Pat Says Now, a Swiss manufacturer of individual computer mice has designed a mouse which is embedded with all kind of fancy jewelry. For about $24180, it seems that it's world's costly mouse. It comes in white, red or yellow gold with 59 brilliant-cut scattered diamonds or a diamond flower design or you can have it with black or white trim. I think it'll work wonders when paired with a million dollar PC. As far as usability is concerned, the three button optical wheel mouse features a resolution of 800dpi and works on a Windows / Mac based PC. Read Full Entry

Monday, September 28, 2009

Most Luxurious and Expensive Jewelry

Today, the spending money thing is in. To be someone, you have to spend a lot of money, and you have to show it off in the jewelry that you wear.

This is a trend that has been started by a lot of the rappers of today. They line themselves with the world’s most expensive jewelry.

Deep blue hope diamond necklace is the most expensive but cursed. Legend has it that anyone who buys the 45.52 carat diamond will have really bad luck such as deaths of loved ones and so on.

If you are a connoisseur of the finest jewelry, you likely know that today you can find a variety of extravagant pieces designed to meet a wide range of tastes.

Whether you want your neck to be decked with small but perfect diamonds or you prefer more colorful glitz, like a flashy multi-gemstone ring, with a large enough budget you can indulge your deepest desires. Just be prepared with a few million or even more if you want to own one of the most expensive, and most precious, pieces on the market.
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Ladies, Your Engagement Ring Is A Bad Investment

The good news: my boyfriend has engagement rings on the brain. The bad news: he’s been reading the Freakonomics Blog on the New York Times website. Why is this bad? The Freakonomics economists solve puzzling economic capers of day-to-day life, most recently tackling what a “bad investment” it is for a man to give his girlfriend a diamond ring:

In response to this penny-pincher’s question, economist Tim Harford replied, “I tend to agree with you.”

Uh oh.

Believe me, I’m aware of the reasons not to give a woman an engagement ring—“blood diamonds,” the historical context of dowries and paternalism, and now, apparently, economic logic. Certainly, the ring racket is a bad investment in a lot of ways.

But I am a romantic. I’d like to look down and see something on my finger, signifying to me and everyone else that my BF and I are in love. It’s symbolic and special to me in a way “a down payment on a first house” would never be, considering that everyone, including us, co-habits before marriage these days. Actually, buying us a house would seem more paternalistic to me, as if it’s my boyfriend’s job to keep a roof over my head. I can do that myself, thanks! What I can’t do is buy a lovely ring, get down on one knee, and promise a life of joy and happiness together.
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Lap Of Luxury

Audrey Hepburn had Breakfast at Tiffany's in the 1961 film. But Tiffany & Co. doesn't just do breakfast; its main concern is luxury goods, specifically jewellery and silver items. There are many types of luxury goods on sale worldwide from Cartier watches to Aston Martin cars and all have one factor in common; each represents an expensive alternative to other goods which perform the same function.

The luxury goods business thrives when incomes are rising because, as any economist will tell you, peoples' spending upon luxury goods increases by a greater proportion than any increases in their income.

Whilst billionaires will keep on buying yachts and football clubs even in the teeth of a global recession, the high-earning part of the population does suffer a bit and thus the sales of luxury goods have taken a bashing during the global recession. Importantly for investors, luxury goods are sold all over the world so their manufacturers are not particularly exposed to the economy of any one country.
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

World's Most Expensive Cars

Hate the smell of exhaust or the skunk you just passed on the highway? If you buy the Maybach 62 Zeppelin, your nose will never have to suffer again. The car comes with a built-in, illuminated atomizer that gently diffuses the fragrance of your choice throughout the cabin.

Granted, that peace of mind will cost you--to the tune of $506,500. But that's the low end when looking at the limits of what money can buy at the dealership. For a whopping $1.8 million you can get the Cinque Roadster, which features a stunning 678 horsepower V12 engine, carbon fiber racing seats, a titanium suspension and a 0-60 mph time of 3.3 seconds.
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Friday, September 18, 2009

The ten most...super-expensive pieces of jewellery

1. CHOPARD'S WORLD WONDER The world's priciest bling is thought to be the ultra-rare blue diamond ring in white-gold band made by Swiss master Chopard - a bargain. £9.86million.

2. GARRARD'S QUEEN OF HEARTS British jeweller Garrard's Heart Of The Kingdom Ruby - a 40.63-carat Burma ruby on a 155-carat diamond necklace - is a mite cheaper at £8.48mi.

3. SOTHEBY'S SENSATIONAL SPARKLER Sotheby's set an auction record for jewellery in October 2007 when a Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond Ring went for £4.84million at its Hong Kong house.

4. BERLIN'S ENTICING EMERALD The same auction saw a sautoir (loose necklace) once owned by Broadway songsmith Irving Berlin, and adorned with a 47-carat green emerald, ring the tills at £1.6million.

5. FRENCH REVOLUTIONARY ROCKS The famously extravagant French queen would surely have loved the Marie Antoinette Necklace - £2.24million worth of diamonds - produced by De Beers.
Cheaper alternative: The earrings J-Lo wore to the 2007 Oscars cost £170,000.

6. BLACK EYED BLING\ When Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie tied the knot in January, she wore a diamond-heavy gold Venus Necklace by H.Stern ( worth a mere £1.92million. 7. AFFLECK GOES FOR BROKE When Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez in 2002, he sealed the short-lived deal with a 6.1-carat pink diamond ring by Harry Winston £727,000.

8. PARIS'S FIVE-STAR FINGER ADORNMENT Not to be outdone, Paris Hilton's brief 2005 engagement to shipping heir Paris Latsis came with a £2.85million 24-carat emerald-cut diamond ring from a private designer.

9. BEYONCE PUTS A RING ON IT Topping the lot, BeyoncĂ© slipped on an 18-carat emerald-shaped diamond in platinum band when she married Jay-Z in 2008 - £3million via jeweller Lorraine Schwartz.
10. J-LO'S OSCAR WINNERS Something cheaper? The diamond earrings J-Lo wore to the 2007 Oscars were worth £170,000 from Lorraine Schwartz. Find her New York boutique at 580 Fifth Avenue.
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

White and Blue Diamond Necklace

Now you have to choose between a rainbow of different colored diamonds for your jewelry on top of choosing the metal and the style.

And because of that, the process can take a long time and a lot of thought. You have to choose between metals like:

Yellow Gold
White Gold
Stainless Steel
Now the diamond, which one is right for you? Here are some of your choices:


When different minerals get into the diamond when it is just beginning to form, this causes some changes to occur in the chemical makeup of the stone. Different colors of diamond have different minerals in them as well as carbon. These red, pink or blue diamond rings are some of the most beautiful but also the most expensive.
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

200k Rolls-Royce Ghost - world debut

We hope Sirallun is paying attention – the new Rolls-Royce Ghost has just made its world debut at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The £200,000 Roller is the smallest in the range – but it's only small in comparison to, say, an oil tanker.

It might be the smallest, but it packs the largest punch of any Rolls before it. The 6.6-litre V12 engine produces a bonus-shredding 563bhp and 575lb/ft of pulling power, capable of getting corporate-types from 0-62mph in just 4.7 seconds.

And just in case angry creditors are chasing you, the Rolls-Royce Ghost tops out at an electronically-limited 155mph.

Gallery: click below to view images of the Rolls-Royce Ghost at Frankfurt
The Ghost features an eight-speed automatic gearbox, which together with the new powerplant helps deliver 20.8mpg and 317g/km of CO2. But as always, if you have to ask…

Far from being a hippy’s worst nightmare – which it probably is – the Rolls-Royce Ghost isn’t about outright grunt. The company helpfully explains that “Rolls-Royce power is delivered in a very different manner to other cars.

“It arrives in an elegant, cosseting way that some have described as being designed to lower the pulse, not raise it.”
And elegant is the best way to describe this gorgeous new Roller – the driver sits in a slightly elevated position, dubbed the ‘authority’ position, while all sorts of high-tech weaponry are at your disposal, including night-vision, lane departure warning, high-beam assistance, active cruise control and a head up display.
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Patek Philippe Watches

Patek Philippe Watches are among the most coveted watch brands and are quite the height of luxury in wristwatches.

The Patek Philippe Twenty-4 ladies wrist watch which goes by the identification number 4908/50R / RG is a fabulous example of their style - unique, expensive and the perfect designer dress watch for the woman who believes in staying in the latest fashion for special occasions.

Patek Philippe watches dazzle watch collectors with their highly collectible designs and the Patek Philippe’s Twenty~4® is right at the top of the list with its sleek looks. Almost timeless in its beauty, these Patek Philippe watches set the standard in women’s contemporary wristwatches. The Twenty-4 is an elegant custom designed watch and is available for sale in different variations of the original. You can choose from a variety of case sizes.

This Patek Philippe watches collection ranges from diamond set steel watches to the 18-carat rose or white gold models. The fine Haute Joaillerie, one of their best, is particularly breathtaking. Fitted with ultra thin quartz movement, the watchcase and back is set with 169 Top Wesselton diamonds of 0.83 carats. The bracelet and clasp also dazzle you with 1128 diamonds of 6.74 carats. The crown of each of these wristwatches features an onyx or diamond solitaire. This collectable Patek Philippe watch is water resistant to 25 meters. The 18-carat rose gold case is 22 x 26.3 mm in size. The watch face has brown or diamond markers.

The Twenty-4 Patek Philippe watches are available as small models – precious jewelry pieces that you would be proud to wear. To make it even better, you can also opt for Twenty-4 rings and earrings to match. If you are into watch collecting, the Twenty-4 Patek Philippe watches will certainly occupy a place of pride in your collection.

Wearable on just about any occasion, these Patek Philippe watches are finely crafted based on the conventional Gondolo timepiece. Today, cool, sharp and confident women who love to dress in style simply enjoy wearing the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 wrist watch.
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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Most Expensive Belt Buckle

Swiss designer Roland Iten won’t touch a timepiece of any sort, but he still manages to create high precision, mechanical fashion accessories for men of discriminating taste. His solid gold, mechanical belt buckle is as much a work of art as it is a work of engineering. It takes nine to eighteen months to produce and, as such, costs around $25,000. That quite possibly makes it the most expensive belt buckle in the world.

The expensive watch takes so long to produce because it uses the same manufacturing process as Geneva’s renowned watch-making industry. Its mechanical features make the belt especially attractive to those who like to loosen their belt after a big meal.

Roland Iten’s gold buckle isn’t the first luxury belt buckle, of course. Perhaps the second most expensive belt buckles in the world adorn these belts by Kale Miles. The belts, available in three different styles, include buckles made of seven to eight ounces of platinum. The $18,000 price tag, however, also includes the rest of the rather nice leather belt.

The world’s most expensive belt buckle and other items (cufflinks are mentioned) from the same collection will be launched at the SIHH watch fair in Geneva.
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Friday, September 11, 2009

2nd Most Expensive Watch in the World

It was designed in 2005 to commemorate the 250th anniversary. This is the most complicated double-face watch made from 834 parts.

10,000 man-hours were necessary to create this unique watch featuring an 18-carat silvered gold dial with a hand-sewn alligator leather band and pink gold buckle.

The watch has totally original combination of horological complications astronomical indications forming a list of sixteen different points. This extraordinary timepiece is produced in limited edition of seven and the total price of the watch is ≈ € 1.13 million ≈ £1,01 million$1,50 million!
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Buy of the day: Lily Allen Jewellery Collection

Following in the footstep of Peaches Geldof (Made), Nicole Richie (House of Harlow 1960) and Yasmin Le Bon (Wallis), Lily Allen has designed her first jewellery collection.

It's a quirky and fun range of necklaces, rings and earrings consisting of animals, fruit, traffic signs and coins. We love this shiny pink Flamingo Necklace, £61.99, bound to get you noticed! Here are a few words from Lily herself about the collection:

What inspired you to want to create a jewellery range? Lily Allen: I love jewellery, always have done. I feel that it completes an outfit. You can change your whole look just by changing which jewellery you choose to go with what you're wearing.

Have you any influences on your choice of designs? Key fashion designers or fashion icons past and present?

Lily Allen: I love Chanel jewellery, it's always very unique I like that. Wearing something out that you probably won't see another person in is a pull for me.

I also love Dinny Hall jewellery, I can't resist buying a piece whenever I go in and I find what I buy always seems to be really versatile whether I'm choosing clothes to wear for stage or just going out to dinner.

Who are you aiming the collection at?

Lily Allen: To be honest I am aiming it at everyone, anyone who likes fun, stylish, colourful jewellery whether they are young or old!

Are any of the ranges influenced by something in your life/your favourite things? If so, why are they your favourite things?

Lily Allen: Definitely, all of the designs stem from anything whether it's the surroundings of places I've been to around the world, objects I've seen...anything - fruit, animals, pictures, colours, flowers - the list could go on forever.

The Collection has a number of individual ranges. Was there a reason for this? Have you a favourite?
Lily Allen: I'm really pleased with all of the designs, we worked hard on getting them exactly how we wanted them from choosing the right chain length and thickness to deciding what should be in gold and what looks better in silver. I do love the animals though...The pandas are fantastic...

In your inspiration for the ranges, did you have specific ‘looks' in mind when choosing to wear this jewellery?

Lily Allen: Again, I think you can put this kind of jewellery with anything, a black dress in the evening you can light up with say a fun panda necklace or in the day with jeans and a t-shirt the coins would look great...I think it all works...everyone's style is different so I'd never put specific items with specific clothes. It's whatever you feel like on the day, whatever mood you are in. it's just fun. That's what I wanted to achieve from the ranges.
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Monday, September 7, 2009

Emerald Ring

Luxury watch and jewelry manufacturer Chopard's collection includes many high-priced pieces. But this bold cocktail ring--with half-moon diamond shoulders holding up a 33.02-carat solitaire emerald on a pave-set diamond and platinum band--outshines its rivals. Read Full Entry

Saturday, September 5, 2009

LG Set to Launch Watch Phone Next Week

LG is set to launch its expensive watch phone called the LG910 next week. The little device has a smallish screen and allows the wearer to make voice calls. The device has a voice control system that lets you dial by saying the numbers.

A Bluetooth headset is included so you don’t have to speak into your wrist. The watch is far from inexpensive with a price of around £500 so only the geeks with disposable income will be picking it up. The official release date is August 27th and the device will be exclusive to orange. The touchscreen watch phone is handmade as well making it rather exclusive. Read Full Entry

Friday, September 4, 2009

Silhouette and rear end

At the sides, subtle wedge-shaped and curving side character lines, along with a side under spoiler, accentuate the car's sporty, low centre of gravity. The view from the rear features a large floating rear spoiler (depending on market) that balances out the tight look begun by the new front end and adds to the compact's aggressive image. LED tail lamps have an inner lens that adds a sense of greater transparency when the lamps are not lit. One the segment's best for aerodynamic performance.

The all-new Mazda 3 MPS has an exterior design that continues the current model's top aerodynamic performance. Beginning with the all-new Mazda 3 5-door hatchback, which has one of the segment's lowest coefficients of drag, MPS developers added a number of exterior features optimised for aerodynamic efficiency.

These include the large front and rear bumpers, a large floating rear roof spoiler and front under spoiler. The result is aerodynamic performance that provides stability and easy control when travelling straight, changing lanes, or overtaking other vehicles at high speeds.

The shape of the A-pillars and door mirrors were also designed keeping aerodynamic efficiency in mind, while increased rigidity around the door sashes, delivers improved sealing of the doors to reduce wind noise.
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Most Expensive Handbag in the World

If you think that your LV or Prada or Hermes handbags are not expensive enough for you to buy, don’t worry cause you can still put the most expensive handbag in the world in your shopping list.

The world’s most expensive handbag is now the Chanel Diamond chanel diamond forever Forever. With the price of USD 260,150 there is only 13 of these available in the world.

What makes this piece so expensive is the 334 diamonds specially cut for sparkling look. Overall, the Chanel Diamond Forever Classic bag is encrusted with total 3.35 carats of diamonds and bejeweled with 18 carat gold on its belt and curve lines. Material is made of alligator leather that is treated with special chemicals and matt finishing. The bag is also encrusted with the Chanel Company’s ‘C’ is encrusted with diamonds. This beautiful design and creativity is surely remarkable. Read Full Entry

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mini car: Toyota, vendors talk to cut investment

Toyota said on Friday it is in talks with vendors to minimise investment on its small car to be rolled out in early 2011, and to procure components at lower rates. "We are trying very hard to reduce our investment for the upcoming second plant in Bangalore to roll out a small car by early 2011. We are negotiating with vendors for reducing delivery prices," Toyota Kirloskar.

Motor managing director Hiroshi Nakagawa told PTI on the sidelines of the SIAM annual convention in New Delhi The Japanese auto maker, which is present in India through a joint venture with the Kirloskar Group, is investing Rs 3,200 crore (Rs 32 billion) for setting up a new production facility in Bangalore to launch its 'strategic' small car in New Delhi.

Nakagawa said the company is comparing the prices and quality of the components of various vendors for its small car and is improving internal efficiencies for a reduction in the investment. He however, declined to quantify how much cost reduction the the company is aiming to achieve through the exercise.

"We are targeting to produce 70,000 units of small car in the first year, which will only be for the domestic market," Nakagawa said. Asked if the company would consider bringing a Daihatsu brand car in India, Nakagawa replied in the negative. TKM is targeting to cross 52,000 units in sales this year, up from about 51,000 units in 2008.
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Most Expensive Car of the World

I have a list of some of the most exclusive models by the renowned brands like Ferrari, Mercedes, and Rolls-Royce that boasts to be the most expensive cars of the world. The list includesSaleen S7: This exotic super car is made for filthy rich who can throw away $395,000 easily.

The car promises perfect grip of the road speeding at 160mph due to a superb aerodynamic design provided by the designers. A modified Ford Mustang engine that can provide with a power punch of 550 horsepower powers it. Read Full Entry

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Butterfly Jewelry Handmade Jewelry Earrings Bracelets Handcrafted by CopperReflections Wholesale

Copper Reflections artisans specialize in butterfly jewelry, butterfly lovers jewelry, unique gifts including butterfly earrings, butterfly bracelets and other handcrafted jewelry in their wholesale jewelry collections. With years of experience the artisans of have developed a new technique to make handmade earrings and handmade bracelets.

This new technique is going to enable the jewelry artisans to make new unique jewelry styles that they could not even dream before. The new butterfly wholesale jewelry that Copper Reflections will be creating with this new technique will be the most original jewelry that no one has seen before.

Butterfly jewelry, handcrafted jewelry, unique jewelry with butterfly themes offered in a great assortment including butterfly bracelets, butterfly earrings, necklaces, lockets, rings and brooches. You will love our new additions of handmade bracelets and handmade earrings.Unique gifts include butterfly themed pill boxes, card holders, bookmarks and many other butterfly jewelry and handmade gifts. You can be sure to find the perfect butterfly jewelry and unique gift ideas here for all occasions.

Butterfly jewelry is one of the most beautiful kinds of animal jewelry. The butterfly has always represented grace, beauty and true freedom. Many people are enchanted by these elegant creatures that embody the free spirited nature that we all strive to capture in our everyday lives. By wearing Copper Reflections butterfly jewelry we can express the same lighthearted spirit and gracefulness.

Our butterfly jewelry is inspired by the beauty and the elegant gracefulness of these lovely creatures. Each piece of handmade jewelry in our butterfly collection is carefully designed and handcrafted especially for you, the butterfly lover. Copper Reflections makes butterfly jewelry using a wide range of unique jewelry designs. Butterfly jewelry by the artisans of is suitable for any gift giving occasion whether it is for birthday gifts, anniversary gifts or Christmas gifts.

In our butterfly jewelry collection you can be sure to find a special gift for your loved ones, unique gift ideas for women and nature lovers’ jewelry. All our butterfly jewelry designs are first hand drawn and transferred to copper sheets.

Designs are individually silver plated and diamond cut by hand to bring out the luster in the copper to give that special sparkle like diamonds. All our butterfly jewelry designs are available on unique bracelets, handmade earrings, handcrafted necklaces, unique rings, chokers, pins, brooches, hairclips and lockets so they can all be made into matching sets.

On website you will find many different trendy jewelry styles of butterfly bracelets, butterfly earrings, and butterfly necklaces where we have used seashells, mother of pearl and abalone shells, to accent and highlight our unique butterfly jewelry designs.

We use a variety of techniques to make our butterfly jewelry including etching, embossing and engraving. Handmade butterfly earrings like TS series are cut out and also two-tone plated in gold and copper. Our handmade butterfly jewelry and unique butterfly gifts will make the perfect gift for butterfly lovers. We hope that our handmade butterfly jewelry collection will bring you and your loved ones much enjoyment for many years. We hope you will enjoy our butterfly jewelry collection. We have been working hard for over 24 years to make the most beautiful butterfly jewelry for you.
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HOLIDAY jewerly, collectibles, gifts

HOLIDAY JEWELRY Just enter Mother's Day for Mother's Day jewelry and gifts. Most of Designer Jewelry’s Holiday Designer Jewelry and wholesale Gifts can be found in this wholesale jewelry section, and are at wholesale or below wholesale.

Designer Jewelry's Mother's Day wholesale jewelry and wholesale gifts are the perfect jewelry for all seasons and holiday jewelry. Designer Jewelry’s Mother's Day fashion jewerly and 925 sterling silver jewelry are.

At amazingly low prices, ready for resale! Designer Jewelry’s Mother's Day selection includes wholesale necklaces, earrings, pendants, pins, chains, body jewelry, charms, bangles, bracelets, brooches, rings and more, some with Swarovski Austrian Crystal stones.

You can also find more wholesale Mother's Day costume jewelry through out the online shopping cart, most wholesale jewelry and gifts come tagged or carded or in beautiful custom designer boxes, some with certificates of authenticity. See Designer Jewelry’s wholesale JEWELRY DISPLAYS and wholesale supplies at wholesale, section for a variety of boxes, bows and more; all at below wholesale.

Designer Jewerly is your ultimate source for Mother's Day solid wholesale 925 Sterling Silver, Fashion and Costume jewelry and accessories for Gift Giving and Holidays at below wholesale prices for resale. Designer-Jewelry carries an extensive Mother's Day line of wholesale holiday gifts and jewelry! In Designer Jewelry’s Holiday Jewelry categories, you will find ideas for employee’s gifts, corporate gifts and much more. All of Designer Jewelry’s jewelry is in stock and ready to ship to you.

So when you are looking to stock your jewelry store or boutique for Mother's Day, increase your holiday sales at your local Flea Market or Fair or if you just need fresh wholesale Mother's Day gift ideas, Designer-has all your Mother's Day jewerly needs. Designer Jewerly also offer discounts for larger purchases.

Designer Jewerly takes Customer Service very seriously at Designer if you have any questions, on Mother's Day jewerly and gifts please don't hesitate to contact Designer Jewelry by calling 800-398-8158 or click on to the CONTACT US button on the upper right of any page. Designer Jewelry’s wholesale holiday jewelry is ready to ship today. Designer Jewelry carries a huge selection of wholesale holiday jewelry and Mother's Day gifts and jewelry.
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Most and Least Expensive Cars to Insure

Every year, organizations like the Insurance Institute for Highway safety, and companies like compile and analyze data from consumers and individual insurers around the country, in order to provide the public with information like which cars are cheapest to own, or safest to drive.

They also provide annual lists of the vehicles with the cheapest car insurance, which is important for those whether we're looking for a new car, or not. After all, knowing how your vehicle compares to others in its class can assure you that you made the right choice, and help you plan your budget, while understanding the cost of insurance may affect a possible purchase.

For 2009, the top five in the "least expensive to insure" list are all relatively inexpensive SUVs and minivans, and similar models round out the top ten (with the exception of a single SmartCar). If this surprises you, consider that an important factor in the cost of insurance is the cost of likely repairs. Hybrids, with their new and extremely specific technology, cost more to repair than even the largest cars with traditional gasoline engines, and small cars, with their lack of crumple zones, are more likely to be declared total losses in the event of a crash. SUVs and Minivans, on the other hand, are built to survive rugged conditions and/or protect families.
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The Most Expensive Wristwatch

Count Carlo Felice Trossi’s wristwatch sold for a record 2.345 million Swiss francs ( $2,157,760) at a Sotheby’s auction. Experts described “Trossi Leggenda” almost certainly unique amongst 200 watches. This is because it is a watch of historic importance as well as symbolizes the year 1932, a marking point which also saw car racing and the emergence of airplanes.

Geoffery Ader, head of watches at Sotheby’s told a news conference held before the sale that the watch was one of “great symbolic and historic importance as it came out in 1932, a turning point which also saw car racing and the emergence of airplanes.” He added that the “combination of Patek Phillipe and Ferrari make it an exceptional watch”.

A number of other watches also reached impressive prices. A gold Rolex made around 1980, known as the “Oyster Daytona Paul Newman” and named after the Florida car race and for the American actor who made the style famous, netted 157,000 francs, compared to its pre-sale estimate of 50,000 to 80,000 francs. Read Full Entry

World's most expensive car up for sale

The car, built in 1934 is expected to fetch £8.5 million at an auction being conducted by the Rolls-Royce Museum at Muhlheim in Germany. Known as the Star of India, the car has a number of features which were considered unique at the time including headlights which are controlled by the steering wheel and track the vehicle's progress in the road.

Similar technology – now called "adaptive curve lights" – is featured on a number of cars today including BMW's and Mercedes. When it is sold the price raised for 1934 Phantom II 40/50 HP Continental "All-Weather Convertible" is expected to exceed the £7.2 million paid for a 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa at auction in May.

It is part of a collection belonging to Hans-Gunther Zach's private collection, and bids are being entertained until September 15. Zach is accepting bids on 24 other rare Rolls-Royce's and three Bentleys including a 1926 Rolls-Royce 40/50 HP Phantom I Open Tourer, built for the Maharaja of Nanpara in India and known as the "Aluminium Sculpture" because of its natural aluminium body and chassis. Also for sale is a Phantom II Cabriolet "Hunting Car" built for the India's Maharaja of Rewa. Designed to hunt India's tigers, the "Hunting Car' has a specially designed gun rack built into the chassis.
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Paris Hilton treated to luxury holiday, expensive jewellery by beau

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton's on-off boyfriend Doug Reinhardt is said to be treating her to a luxury holiday and expensive jewellery in a bid to secure their reconciliation.

Rumours are rife that the high-profile couple, who split at the beginning of the summer this year, are courting again after The Hills star Reinhardt made a number of posts on about his love life.

According to Britain’s Daily Mail, Reinhardt has treated Hilton to a five-star holiday on the private Wadigi Island in Fiji, costing 96,000 dollars, and a black pearl necklace priced at 80,000 dollars. "I am having the time of my life. Doug has taken me on the most romantic vacation. He is my best friend," Contactmusic quoted Hilton as saying. Read Full Entry

Increasing demand for white precious metal jewellery

DonovanPalladium is adding to the demand for white precious metal for jewellery after just weeks of its status being made 'official'. The palladium hallmark, which can only be struck in the UK by one of the four independent Assay Offices, came into force on July 22. Although this mark is voluntary until December 31, nearly 5,000 articles were hallmarked by the four UK Assay Offices in the first few days of its introduction.

Every item of gold, silver or platinum sold in the UK must be hallmarked unless under a specified weight. The hallmarking numbers released by the four UK offices can be used as a barometer of trends in the market. Volumes of 9ct gold have recently been in decline from nearly 24 million articles in 2001 to just 8 million in 2008.

Michael Allchin, chief executive of The Birmingham Assay Office, said: "The rising price of gold coupled with the increasing choice of quality, well made jewellery in silver, platinum and now palladium makes white metal very attractive. We are very encouraged by the positive response to palladium hallmarking." However, separately a recent report published by World Gold Council (WGC) suggested that despite a decline in overall demand for gold, the market remains robust. Read Full Entry

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