Friday, September 17, 2010

150 Carat Wedding Gown by Martin Katz and Renee Strauss

Most expensive Gown
Most women are looking for a good deal on their wedding gown, even if they’re looking at high-priced designer dresses. This extraordinary gown is not for most women. If you dreamed of wearing a dress fit for a princess on your big day, this might be the dress for you, but then again, this dress is more fit for an empress than a princess.

The gown, which was a collaboration between jeweler Martin Katz and designer Renee Strauss, is encrusted with 150 carats of sparkling white diamonds. It was unveiled at the Luxury Brands Lifestyle Bridal show and was the centerpiece of Dubai’s Fashion and Diamond Show 2006.

The world’s most expensive wedding dress retails for $12 million, but so far no one has snapped it up. Perhaps $12 million seems exorbitant even for the ultra-rich? You do only get to wear it once, after all.


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